Livable Green Lake

– Greater Awareness of the Impact of Growth in the Green Lake Community –

On January 20, 2016, residents and businesses from the East Green Lake Community gathered at The Great Hall to voice their concerns about project 417 NE 73RD ST, a proposed apartment complex that would feature 45 residential units with parking for 13 subcompact cars. It would replace the 19 stall parking lot currently used by Rosita’s Mexican Grill. Selected comments and a video of the meeting are posted below.

Love your store, but parking is a real challenge.Customer

We have a lot of grandparents who bring kids for story time to Mockingbird Books and they find it increasingly difficult to make that a part of their activities.Business owner

I had a customer this morning for my accounting practice who said she went around six blocks to the tune of about 20 minutes to try and find a place to park so she could come in and drop off her tax information. That was at 10:30 this morning.Business owner

We have huge concerns about the impact of parking for this community in an area that is already under so much pressure. We are seeing that our own families don’t have ways to get to our building already.Business owner

How many people here like what’s going on right now, with the parking situation, the development? There’s no show of hands.Resident

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