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Public Disclosure Records Indicate Seattle DCI Failed to Check Key Claim in Traffic Study for Big Green Lake Project


Seattle DCI is Responsible for Vetting Traffic Studies

A key claim in the parking study for a big Green Lake project currently under construction at 419 NE 71st St is that its proximity to the future Roosevelt light rail station (LRT) will reduce vehicle ownership of its residents by 20 percent. Roosevelt LRT won’t open until 2021, presumably meaning that reduction wouldn’t be realized for at least several years after 419 is completed. We showed previously that until then parking spillover from 419 onto neighborhood streets would be extensive. This result did not appear in the study provided to Seattle DCI, which only reported — based on the LRT reduction — that 419 would have zero parking spillover.

That’s the first problem with 419’s LRT claim. The second is whether it’s correct.

The engineering firm that did 419’s parking study provided no analysis or other evidence for the assertion in their report, and neither they nor Seattle DCI responded to email requests asking for documentation.

Subsequent public record disclosures indicate Seattle DCI never questioned the firm about their parking analysis, and approved it despite obvious gaps, including the lack of any evidence for the LRT claim.

In response to questions we’ve repeatedly raised regarding the accuracy of traffic studies done for new projects in the east Green Lake community, Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien’s office has assured Livable Green Lake “we will all continue to work on being sure that the rules and regulations are followed as written.”

Based on our experience, those “rules and regulations” are either being regularly broken—or are, for the most part, non-existent.

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